Rope and Pulley Blinds

Our traditional system for controlling the level of your blinds, it’s simple to use and easy to maintain. It suits areas where you may not have room above the blind to accommodate the roll.  The ropes can also be un-clipped when not required so they don't interrupt your view.


Our Ziptrak blinds work on a different system and offer a modern and ropeless look to your blinds.


Site inspection and More 

Wondering if perhaps your outdoor area isn’t suitable for external blinds? 
Give us a call before you give up – our range of PVC blinds can suit:

  • Gable ends 
  • No supporting posts
  • Round steel frames
  • Ornate concrete and cast iron posts
  • Multi storey decks and balconies

With minor structural modifications you can enjoy all the benefits of an external room – and it costs nothing to find out what could be possible on your site. Give us a call now!


PVC Patio Blinds

PVC Patio Blinds

PVC Patio Blinds

PVC Patio Blinds

Screen Patio Blinds
Screen Patio Blinds
Screen Patio Blinds
PVC Patio Blinds
PVC Patio Blinds
PVC Patio Blinds

Tinted PVC Patio Blinds with Triangle Infill

Tinted PVC Patio Blinds with Zippered Doorway

PVC Patio Blinds

PVC Patio Blinds

PVC Patio Blinds

PVC Patio Blinds

PVC Blinds

Are perfect for protecting outdoor areas from the wind and rain. They are an effective insulator and will retain heat even in the coldest weather. 
The tough all-weather zips used to secure our blinds make sure no draught 
gets through. 


Clear PVC blinds enclosing a rear patio or veranda will save you money through the winter months by cutting the heating bill as they effectively lock in warm air and help insulate your home from the elements. 


On warm summer days simply roll your blinds up and let the breeze in. On hot days, keep the blinds down to help insulate your home from the heat. 

Protecting your outdoor area from the elements adds a great new entertainment area to your home that can be used all year round in any weather. 

Mesh Blinds

Let the breeze come in whilst screening the sun and harmful UV rays from your outdoor area.


Tough all-weather zips securing our mesh blinds on each side mean your entertainment area is effectively screened from the sun and insects, while still letting you enjoy the fresh air and the view. 


Mesh blinds also offer privacy through the day: you can see out, but others 
can’t see in. 

The Best of Both

PVC blinds are great insulators and protectors in winter and mesh blinds help you stay cool and sunsafe in summer – so why not have both? 


We have available a combination, two-in-one blind where the mesh rolls outwards and the clear PVC rolls inwards. This versatility means you are covered for every imaginable weather condition and your patio is always safe and party-ready.


Reduce your heating bill and reclaim your outdoor area in one!


Construction and Materials 

Our Clear PVC blinds use 1mm Japanese Quality Clear & Tinted PVC. This material is manufactured in Japan, specifically tailored for the outdoors. The PVC has inbuilt UV inhibitors, anti-stick and anti-static components to ensure it remains clear for many years. 


Look closely at our blinds and you will find 24mm strong webbing sewn beside each zip. This webbing connects to a base bar of galvanized steel, which in turn is sewn to the fabric with supporting webbing. 


Each blind comes with strong webbing hurricane straps – these secure the base bar to anchor points. In a strong wind, all this means that the force will be absorbed by the webbing and hurricane straps, and the most vulnerable part of the blind – the PVC and zips – will not bear any load. 


Our clear blinds are sewn together using bonded polyester marine thread. This thread is UV stabilised and will not break down. The biggest mistake we see in other manufacturers’ awning and blinds is the use of weak thread that just isn’t built to handle years of exterior use – a perfectly good blind with years of use left will be left in tatters because of this. 


Other manufacturers will also weld Coloured PVC together or attach PVC components to their clear PVC – this negatively impacts on the makeup of the PVC and causes it to stiffen and crack over time.


PVC Patio Infills